Kid's Summer Day Camp

Summer Camp for Kid's! The summer camp kids can't wait to go to. Our kids camp is all day long and 5 days a week. Our camps provide children with games, trips, fun activities and basic martial arts training,

Cool Games And Fun Activities

Cool games kids and fun activities. Outdoor trips to the park, walks on trail, bowling, going to the beach and many others depending on weather. Also we do indoor activities like arts & crafts, martial arts, games and more.

Having Fun With Martial Arts

Our kids camps offers children the chance to learn basic self defense while having fun doing so. Kids can learn basic jiu jitsu, muay thai, boxing, wrestling and judo to help with your child's confidence and protection.

Kid’s Camp

Kid's Camp

Camp of Champions

Kid's Camp

Welcome to the #1 kid's camp in the Durham Region!

Camp of Champions provides some of the funnest kid's camp at the times most needed including the summer, winter holidays, march break and on p.a. days.

Camp of Champions are all day camps which are broken down into a one week programs.  With 7 individual weeks available in our kids summer camps.  This allows parents to put their kid's in all 7 weeks or even 1 week only.

We don't just do summer camps we also provide multiple camps through out the year including our March Break Camp, P.A. Day Camp, Winter Camp and our Performance Camps.

Summer Camp

Kid's Summer Camp

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